Monday, January 1, 2001

This week’s activities (9th May - 13th May, 2016)

This week will start off with a couple of teleconferences for the British Psychological Society (and so that I can get to a telephone and an office in London in time for a 9am telephone call, I’ll have to get up at 4:30am). Then it’s a busy day. The London Offices of the BPS are hosting two events; the Division of Clinical Psychology’s Representative Assembly, and a meeting of the Education and Public Engagement Board. I’ll also be meeting a colleague to review our strategy for publications aimed at the general public. Then, in the late afternoon, I’ll be attending (and, I think, speaking at) a reception at the House of Commons, celebrating 50 years of clinical psychology in the UK, hosted by Lisa Cameron MP (our first Clinical Psychologist MP). I am reliably informed that some of our political friends may make announcements of exciting future opportunities for psychology and public policy.

On Tuesday (10th), I hope to meet a colleague from the world of theatre to talk about mental health on stage, and then I’ll dropping into the BPS Division of Clinical Psychology’s Annual General Meeting, and attempting to combine that with attendance at the BPS Research Board.

On Wednesday (11th) I’m being interviewed by some US-based film-makers, investigating how attitudes towards psychological health are changing… and perhaps emerging from the dark ages. Then, I’ll be back in Parliament, chairing a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prescribed Drug Dependence. In the afternoon, I hope to have time to attend a meeting of the British Psychological Society’s Membership and Standards Board, before dashing back to Manchester (I’m supposed to be going out in the evening).

On Thursday and Friday, it’s university and NHS business – meetings with colleagues about app developments (I have a paper just on the cusp of publication describing one apparently helpful app, and another idea in development), PhD supervision (looking at the functions of, and alternatives to, psychiatric diagnosis), human rights in dementia, and NHS work (with public health colleagues) towards ‘psychologically informed environments'.

Finally, on Saturday, I’ll be in York, with colleagues concerned about cuts to mental health services in the city.

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