Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Forthcoming activities (20th June – 1st July)

(After getting up at 4:30 on the morning of Monday 20th …) I’ll be taking part in a regular British Psychological Society teleconference before spending the day editing a forthcoming BPS report on depression. 
Tuesday 21st sees me participating in the launch of the PsychologicalWellbeing Collaborative Learning Network, at the BPS London office.
On Wednesday, 22nd, I’ll be back at the BPS London offices for a seminar on the interface between psychology and the law, specifically looking at the role of psychiatric diagnosis when people have committed offences (something very timely). In the evening, I’ll be representing the British Psychological Society at the Royal Statistical Society’s William Beveridge Memorial Lecture, ‘Mapping progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals’.
On Thursday 23rd, I’ll be working at the University (some university business, and some NHS work), and on Friday I’ll be travelling to Leeds for a meeting of the Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology.

On Monday 27th June, I’ll be at the university, working on our project exploring wellbeing in the community
Tuesday 28th will find me doing some NHS clinical work before going to Manchester to work on a joint project between the BPS and Health Education England (with other colleagues) supporting the necessary skills to make formulation a core part of mental health care.

On Wednesday 29th, I’ll be meeting the Minister for Care Services, Alistair Burt, MP, before attending the Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Dinner. 
On Thursday 30th July, I’ll be doing (yet more) work on the BPS report on depression, before, on Friday 1st July, spending time back at the University working on our NIHR dementia project.

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