Monday, January 1, 2001

This week’s activities (21st – 25th March, 2016)

So… more of my updates on activity…
On Monday 21st, Jamie Hacker Hughes, BPS (British Psychological Society) President, and I will be meeting with Dr David Halpern, from the Cabinet Office’s Behavioural Insights Team and then a meeting of colleagues to discuss the measurement of outcomes in mental health. I’ll then be meeting with colleagues from the Mental HealthFoundation to discuss ways that they and the British Psychological Society can work more closely together.
On Tuesday 22nd, I’ll be in Leicester, discussing the new BPS website… which is progressing well, and in the afternoon attending the 'Personality Disorder Commission' (where, yes, the diagnostic label itself is a central part of the discussion).
I’m taking Wednesday off (to go on a University Open Day with my son) and spending Thursday 24th on University of Liverpool business.
Although the 25th is Good Friday, I think I’ll be travelling up to Aberdeen for the BPS Scottish Branch Annual Undergraduate conference on Saturday 26th

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